Course Fee:

PKR 30,000

Duration :

1.5 Months

Amazon WholeSale:

However, if you are referring to selling products in bulk on Amazon, it typically involves businesses utilizing the Amazon Business platform to procure goods at wholesale prices and streamline the purchasing process for B2B transactions

Amazon Private Lable:

Amazon Private Label refers to a business model where sellers create and sell their own branded products on the Amazon platform. Sellers design, source, and brand the products, leveraging Amazon’s marketplace for distribution, often utilizing the Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) service for storage and shipping

Amazon Product Hunting:

Amazon product hunting is the practice of searching for profitable and in-demand products to sell on the Amazon platform, involving market analysis, trend identification, and competitive research. Sellers aim to discover niche or trending items that offer potential for successful and lucrative ventures within the e-commerce marketplace.

Amazon Product Sourcing:

Amazon product sourcing is the method of acquiring inventory from suppliers to sell on the Amazon platform, encompassing activities such as finding reliable suppliers, negotiating terms, and ensuring a steady supply chain for successful e-commerce operations. It involves strategic procurement to meet marketplace demands and maximize profit margins

Amazon Account Creation:

Amazon account creation involves registering on the Amazon platform by providing necessary details, enabling users to buy and sell products, access personalized services, and manage their online transactions within the e-commerce ecosystem. The process typically includes setting up a user profile and verifying account information.

Amazon Listing:

Amazon listing is the creation of a product page on the Amazon marketplace, where sellers provide detailed information such as product title, description, images, and pricing. These listings serve as the online representation of products, facilitating their visibility and purchase by potential customers.

Amazon Advance PPC:

if you’re referring to advanced Amazon Pay-Per-Click (PPC) strategies, it involves utilizing sophisticated techniques like keyword optimization, bid management, and ad campaign analysis to enhance the effectiveness of advertising campaigns on the Amazon platform

Amazon account managment:

Amazon account management involves overseeing and optimizing various aspects of a seller’s account on the platform, including inventory, product listings, pricing strategies, and customer interactions, to enhance performance and maximize sales within the e-commerce ecosystem. Skilled account management is crucial for navigating the complexities of Amazon’s marketplace and ensuring a successful online retail presence.

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